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This listing is for one spot for the Wild West endurance ride. This is not the total amount due to enter the ride! This $50 listing holds your spot. Please send your entry form, read through to get the link for it, in with a check for $550 within 2 weeks after purchasing.

This deposit in non-refundable. If covid prevents the ride from happening you will get a $50 gift certificate to the store. This makes it so I can put on a ride in uncertain times. The forest service says will follow regulations so I feel hopeful that the ride will happen. If you cancel your entry the ride will retain your deposit. More information is available on the entry form. 

If this item says no longer available we are currently full. Please sign up for our waitlist at https://forms.gle/fGABeHWewv5JMW1W7 and join our facebook group to connect with others coming. https://www.facebook.com/groups/wildwestendurancerides

Do you want to come but don't want to buy a full spot? Go fill out our waitlist and choose sharing a spot. If someone contacts us about sharing we'll send them your e-mail address to get in touch with you. 


The details on entering: 

To enter WW 2021 you must first purchase your spot with a $50 (+ tax) deposit online on my website. This will restrict the number of entries. When full, the waitlist will be posted there. This deposit is to hold your spot and is not refundable. If covid prevents the ride from happening you will receive a gift certificate to the store for $50. If you need to cancel and don’t wish to sell your spot the ride will retain your deposit.

Then you have 2 weeks to send in your entry form with a check for $600 to retain your spot. The check will be cashed on June 4th. If you don’t send in your entry form or contact us, we will consider that your cancellation and will retain your deposit. The spot includes one parking spot and one entry for each of the four days, either distance or a fun ride. It includes one award valued at 4x the normal amount spent on four days of completion awards, a Wild West Pioneer fleece cooler in your horse’s size and some goodies. Plus win big at our lottery award table at meetings. Additional awards may be purchased. The spot includes all the fees we used to list including the entry and camping. You may ride every day or only one day. You can decide or change what day or distance at the ride. The spot is yours to do with as you please.

You may split the spot with a friend or sell / give away a day at any point including during the ride. If you’re looking for someone to split with please e-mail us as we will keep a list and share e-mail addresses with you. You may cancel (no refund on deposit but your check is torn up) or sell it to someone else before June 4th. If you sell it there is no new deposit required so you can potentially get all your money back. On the 4th the checks will be cashed. You can still sell your spot to someone else but we will no longer accept cancellations so you won’t get any money back from the ride. We will have a waiting list and are happy to offer your spot to the list and post it available on social media. But we held it for you so if it can’t be filled from the waiting list, you’re responsible for selling it if you want your money back. Please don’t try to sell your spot for more than you paid.

If you split a spot with a friend you must leave before your friend arrives. Each entry = one parking spot per day. For example, if two people are sharing an entry, person A would finish their ride at 3pm and leave at 5pm so person B could arrive at 5:15. If four locals wanted to split the spot four ways, they could each haul in the morning of and leave after their ride. There will be an overflow lot to wait in but there is no cell service so make plans before the ride. E-mail us if you are looking for someone to share your spot with. One spot = one entry on each day. You may not use the four entries on the same day or with a friend over two days.

We are hoping that the event size restrictions will be lifted enough that you will be able to bring crew and rig share. If this happens as planned you may purchase additional entries to add to your spot. Then your family member or friend can come with you in your rig and ride one or multiple days with you. Please send in a form and release for them with yours. Additional entries are $150 and an award cooler may be purchased separately for the discounted rate of $50 if wanted. We hopefully will have enough goody bags to go around. If we are worried about our event going over a restriction size this option will then become no longer available.

The campground officially opens Wed at 10am but you are welcome to come before and pay the forest service to camp. If you have a large rig, you need to let us know so we save a large rig spot for you. There is always a driver available for those that need help backing in or getting out.

Trails are a mixture of single track, road and ohv single track. We try to give you a mix each day. Some form of hoof protection is required and for sensitive horses with shoes we recommend pads. The trail will different than the 2019 version. We are trying to reduce the amount of out vet checks and volunteers needed. Each day won’t be the same but there will be repeated loops this year to use more of our easier trail. We are aiming for a better four-day ride that is doable for a fit endurance horse. We had a great group of ladies complete all four days on one horse last time and we want to make it so more people can accomplish that this year.

We’re looking forward to seeing our endurance family this ride season and sharing our beautiful trails with you. We know this new method of selling spots is more work for our riders and we appreciate your help in making this a sustainable event for everyone.

For more information please read our entry form. Questions please e-mail us at wildwestendurance@gmail.com or fill out the contact you on this website. 

After purchasing this listing for your deposit, please send in the entry form at this link: WW2021


Written by danielle on 24th May 2021

seems like a deposit is a strange thing to ask for a review on..... but I LOVE this product! This product is amazing! for the low low price of $50 you can spend time with your favorite 4 legged child in a beautiful campsite in the mountains :-)

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